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December 4th, 2007 (December 04 2007)DeathNorval Morrisseau, Canadian artist (born in 1932)
December 4th, 2007 (December 04 2007)DeathChip Reese, American professional poker player (born in 1951)
December 4th, 2007 (December 04 2007)DeathPimp C, American Rapper (born in 1973)
December 4th, 2006 (December 04 2006)EventAn adult giant squid is caught on video by Kubodera near the Ogasawara Islands, 1,000 km (620 miles) south of Tokyo.
December 4th, 2006 (December 04 2006)DeathJames Kim, American television personality (born in 1971)
December 4th, 2005 (December 04 2005)EventTens of thousands of people in Hong Kong protest for democracy and call on the Government to allow universal and equal suffrage.
December 4th, 2005 (December 04 2005)DeathErrol Brathwaite, New Zealand author (born in 1924)
December 4th, 2005 (December 04 2005)DeathGregg Hoffman, American film producer (b.1963)
December 4th, 2005 (December 04 2005)DeathGloria Lasso, French-Spanish singer (born in 1922)
December 4th, 2004 (December 04 2004)DeathElena Souliotis, Greek soprano (born in 1943)
December 4th, 2003 (December 04 2003)DeathIggy Katona, American race car driver (born in 1916)
December 4th, 1999 (December 04 1999)DeathRose Bird, American judge (born in 1936)
December 4th, 1998 (December 04 1998)EventThe Unity Module, the second module of the International Space Station, is launched.
December 4th, 1997 (December 04 1997)DeathRichard Vernon, English actor (born in 1925)
December 4th, 1995 (December 04 1995)DeathLionel Giroux (Little Beaver), Canadian midget wrestler (born in 1935)
December 4th, 1993 (December 04 1993)EventA truce is concluded between the government of Angola and UNITA rebels.
December 4th, 1993 (December 04 1993)DeathFrank Zappa, American musician and composer (born in 1940)Frank Zappa Quotes
December 4th, 1992 (December 04 1992)EventSomali Civil War: President George H. W. Bush orders 28,000 US troops to Somalia in Northeast Africa.George H. W. Bush Quotes
December 4th, 1991 (December 04 1991)EventJournalist Terry A. Anderson is released after 7 years in captivity as a hostage in Beirut. He was the last and longest-held American hostage in Lebanon.
December 4th, 1991 (December 04 1991)EventCaptain Mark Pyle pilots Clipper Goodwill, a Pan American World Airways Boeing 727-221ADV, to Miami International Airport ending 64 years of Pan Am operations.
December 4th, 1988 (December 04 1988)DeathOsman Achmatowicz, Polish chemist (born in 1899)
December 4th, 1987 (December 04 1987)DeathRouben Mamoulian, Armenian-American film director (born in 1897)
December 4th, 1986 (December 04 1986)BirthMartell Webster, American basketball player
December 4th, 1985 (December 04 1985)BirthAndrew Brackman, American baseball player
December 4th, 1985 (December 04 1985)BirthCarlos Gomez, Dominican baseball player
December 4th, 1984 (December 04 1984)EventHezbollah militants hijack a Kuwait Airlines plane, killing four passengers.
December 4th, 1984 (December 04 1984)BirthBrooke Adams, American model
December 4th, 1984 (December 04 1984)BirthLindsay Felton, American actress
December 4th, 1984 (December 04 1984)BirthLauren London, American actress
December 4th, 1983 (December 04 1983)BirthJimmy Bartel, Australian rules footballer
December 4th, 1982 (December 04 1982)EventThe People s Republic of China adopts its current constitution.
December 4th, 1982 (December 04 1982)BirthHo-Pin Tung, Dutch-Chinese racing driver
December 4th, 1981 (December 04 1981)EventSouth Africa grants independence to the Ciskei "homeland" (not recognized by any government outside South Africa).
December 4th, 1980 (December 04 1980)DeathFrancisco Sa Carneiro, Prime Minister of Portugal (born in 1934)
December 4th, 1980 (December 04 1980)DeathStanislawa Walasiewicz (Stella Walsh), Polish-born athlete (born in 1911)
December 4th, 1979 (December 04 1979)EventThe Hastie fire in Hull, kills three schoolboys and eventually leads police to arrest Bruce George Peter Lee.Bruce Lee Quotes
December 4th, 1979 (December 04 1979)BirthJay DeMerit, American soccer player
December 4th, 1978 (December 04 1978)EventFollowing the murder of Mayor George Moscone, Dianne Feinstein becomes San Francisco, California s first female mayor (she served until January 8, 1988).
December 4th, 1978 (December 04 1978)BirthMichele Di Piedi, Italian footballer
December 4th, 1978 (December 04 1978)BirthJaclyn Victor, Malaysian singer
December 4th, 1977 (December 04 1977)EventJean-Bedel Bokassa, president of the Central African Republic, crowns himself Emperor Bokassa I of the Central African Empire. Bede Quotes
December 4th, 1977 (December 04 1977)EventMalaysia Airlines Flight 653 is hijacked and crashes in Tanjong Kupang, Johor, killing 100.
December 4th, 1977 (December 04 1977)BirthBig Pokey, American rapper
December 4th, 1976 (December 04 1976)BirthAmie Comeaux, American singer (died in 1997)
December 4th, 1976 (December 04 1976)BirthKristina Groves, Canadian speed skater
December 4th, 1976 (December 04 1976)DeathTommy Bolin, American guitarist (born in 1951)
December 4th, 1976 (December 04 1976)DeathBenjamin Britten, English composer (born in 1913)
December 4th, 1976 (December 04 1976)DeathW. F. McCoy, Northern Irish politician (born in 1886)
December 4th, 1975 (December 04 1975)DeathHannah Arendt, German political theorist (born in 1906)
December 4th, 1974 (December 04 1974)BirthTadahito Iguchi, Japanese baseball player
December 4th, 1973 (December 04 1973)BirthTyra Banks, American supermodel
December 4th, 1973 (December 04 1973)BirthFerry Corsten, Dutch musician and DJ
December 4th, 1973 (December 04 1973)BirthSteven Menzies, Australian rugby league footballer
December 4th, 1973 (December 04 1973)BirthKate Rusby, English folk singer
December 4th, 1972 (December 04 1972)BirthJassen Cullimore, Canadian ice hockey player
December 4th, 1972 (December 04 1972)BirthNikki Tyler, American actress
December 4th, 1971 (December 04 1971)EventThe UN Security Council calls an emergency session to consider the deteriorating situation between India and Pakistan.
December 4th, 1971 (December 04 1971)EventThe Indian Navy attacks the Pakistan Navy and Karachi.
December 4th, 1971 (December 04 1971)EventThe Montreux Casino in Switzerland is set ablaze by someone wielding a flare gun during a Frank Zappa concert; the incident would be noted in the Deep Purple song "Smoke on the Water".Frank Zappa Quotes
December 4th, 1971 (December 04 1971)BirthShannon Briggs, American boxer
December 4th, 1970 (December 04 1970)BirthKevin Sussman, American actor
December 4th, 1970 (December 04 1970)BirthSylvester Terkay, American wrestler
December 4th, 1969 (December 04 1969)EventBlack Panther Party members Fred Hampton and Mark Clark are shot and killed in their sleep during a raid by 14 Chicago police officers.
December 4th, 1969 (December 04 1969)BirthJay-Z, American rapper
December 4th, 1969 (December 04 1969)DeathFred Hampton, American activist (born in 1948)
December 4th, 1967 (December 04 1967)EventVietnam War: US and South Vietnamese forces engage Viet Cong troops in the Mekong Delta.
December 4th, 1967 (December 04 1967)DeathBert Lahr, American actor (born in 1895)
December 4th, 1966 (December 04 1966)BirthFred Armisen, American actor and musician
December 4th, 1966 (December 04 1966)BirthMasta Ace, American rapper
December 4th, 1966 (December 04 1966)BirthSuzanne Malveaux, American television news reporter
December 4th, 1966 (December 04 1966)BirthChris Shepherd, English film director
December 4th, 1965 (December 04 1965)BirthAlex de la Iglesia, Spanish film director
December 4th, 1964 (December 04 1964)BirthMarisa Tomei, American actress
December 4th, 1964 (December 04 1964)BirthJonathan Goldstein, American actor
December 4th, 1964 (December 04 1964)BirthSertab Erener, Turkish singer
December 4th, 1964 (December 04 1964)BirthChelsea Noble, American actress
December 4th, 1963 (December 04 1963)BirthSergei Bubka, Ukrainian pole vaulter
December 4th, 1962 (December 04 1962)BirthKevin Richardson, English footballest
December 4th, 1961 (December 04 1961)BirthFrank Reich, American football player
December 4th, 1960 (December 04 1960)BirthDavid Green, American baseball player
December 4th, 1960 (December 04 1960)BirthGlynis Nunn, Australian athlete
December 4th, 1959 (December 04 1959)BirthSusan W Krebs, American politician
December 4th, 1959 (December 04 1959)BirthPaul McGrath, Irish footballer
December 4th, 1959 (December 04 1959)BirthChrista Rothenburger, German speed skater and cyclist
December 4th, 1958 (December 04 1958)EventDahomey (present-day Benin) becomes a self-governing country within the French Community.
December 4th, 1957 (December 04 1957)BirthRaul Boesel, Brazilian racing driver
December 4th, 1957 (December 04 1957)BirthEric S. Raymond, American open source advocate
December 4th, 1956 (December 04 1956)BirthBernard King, American basketball player
December 4th, 1956 (December 04 1956)DeathAlexandr Rodchenko, Russian painter and photographer (born in 1891)
December 4th, 1955 (December 04 1955)BirthDave Taylor, Canadian ice hockey player
December 4th, 1954 (December 04 1954)EventThe first Burger King is opened in Miami, Florida, USA
December 4th, 1954 (December 04 1954)BirthTony Todd, American actor and producer
December 4th, 1953 (December 04 1953)BirthRick Middleton, Canadian ice hockey player
December 4th, 1952 (December 04 1952)EventGreat Smog of 1952: A cold fog descends upon London, combining with air pollution and killing at least 12,000 in the weeks and months that follow.
December 4th, 1951 (December 04 1951)EventMir Waiz Maulvi Muhammad Yusouf is appointed President of Azad Kashmir Government.
December 4th, 1951 (December 04 1951)BirthGary Rossington, American musician (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
December 4th, 1951 (December 04 1951)BirthPatricia Wettig, American actress
December 4th, 1949 (December 04 1949)BirthJeff Bridges, American actor
December 4th, 1949 (December 04 1949)BirthPamela Stephenson, New Zealand-born actress
December 4th, 1948 (December 04 1948)BirthSouthside Johnny, American singer
December 4th, 1947 (December 04 1947)BirthTerry Woods, Irish musician (The Pogues, Steeleye Span)
December 4th, 1945 (December 04 1945)EventBy a vote of 65 to 7, the United States Senate approves United States participation in the United Nations (the UN was established on October 24, 1945).
December 4th, 1945 (December 04 1945)BirthRoberta Bondar, Canadian astronaut
December 4th, 1945 (December 04 1945)DeathThomas Hunt Morgan, American geneticist, Nobel laureate (born in 1866)
December 4th, 1944 (December 04 1944)BirthChris Hillman, American singer (The Byrds)
December 4th, 1944 (December 04 1944)BirthAnna McGarrigle, Canadian folk music singer and songwriter
December 4th, 1944 (December 04 1944)BirthFrancois Migault, French racing driver
December 4th, 1944 (December 04 1944)BirthDennis Wilson, American musician (The Beach Boys) (died in 1983)
December 4th, 1944 (December 04 1944)DeathRoger Bresnahan, American baseball player (born in 1879)
December 4th, 1943 (December 04 1943)EventWorld War II: In Yugoslavia, resistance leader Marshal Tito proclaims a provisional democratic Yugoslav government in-exile.
December 4th, 1943 (December 04 1943)EventU.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt closes down the Works Progress Administration, because of the high levels of wartime employment in the United States.
December 4th, 1942 (December 04 1942)EventHolocaust: In Warsaw, Zofia Kossak-Szczucka and Wanda Filipowicz set up the Zegota organization.
December 4th, 1942 (December 04 1942)EventCarlson s patrol during the Guadalcanal Campaign ends.
December 4th, 1942 (December 04 1942)BirthGemma Jones, English actress
December 4th, 1940 (December 04 1940)BirthGary Gilmore, American murderer (died in 1977)
December 4th, 1939 (December 04 1939)BirthFreddy Cannon, American musician
December 4th, 1938 (December 04 1938)BirthYvonne Minton, Australian soprano
December 4th, 1937 (December 04 1937)BirthMax Baer, Jr., American actor
December 4th, 1935 (December 04 1935)BirthPaul O Neill, American businessman and former Secretary of the Treasury
December 4th, 1935 (December 04 1935)BirthRobert Vesco, American financier and fugitive
December 4th, 1935 (December 04 1935)DeathJohan Halvorsen, Norwegian composer (born in 1864)
December 4th, 1935 (December 04 1935)DeathCharles Robert Richet, French physiologist, Nobel laureate (born in 1850)
December 4th, 1934 (December 04 1934)BirthVictor French, American actor (died in 1989)
December 4th, 1934 (December 04 1934)BirthWink Martindale, American game show host
December 4th, 1933 (December 04 1933)BirthHorst Buchholz, German-born actor (died in 2003)
December 4th, 1933 (December 04 1933)DeathStefan George, German poet (born in 1868)
December 4th, 1932 (December 04 1932)BirthRoh Tae-woo, President of South Korea
December 4th, 1931 (December 04 1931)BirthAlex Delvecchio, Canadian ice hockey player
December 4th, 1931 (December 04 1931)BirthWally George, American TV commentator (died in 2003)
December 4th, 1930 (December 04 1930)BirthRonnie Corbett, Scottish actor
December 4th, 1930 (December 04 1930)BirthJim Hall, American jazz guitarist
December 4th, 1928 (December 04 1928)BirthDena Dietrich, American actress
December 4th, 1926 (December 04 1926)DeathIvana Kobilca, Slovenian-born painter (born in 1861)
December 4th, 1924 (December 04 1924)BirthJohn Portman, American architect
December 4th, 1922 (December 04 1922)BirthGerard Philipe, French actor (died in 1959)
December 4th, 1922 (December 04 1922)BirthCharles Keating, American lawyer
December 4th, 1921 (December 04 1921)EventThe Virginia Rappe manslaughter trial against Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle ends in a hung jury.
December 4th, 1921 (December 04 1921)BirthDeanna Durbin, Canadian actress
December 4th, 1918 (December 04 1918)EventU.S. President Woodrow Wilson sails for the World War I peace talks in Versailles, becoming the first US president to travel to Europe while in office.
December 4th, 1916 (December 04 1916)BirthEly Jacques Kahn, Jr., American writer (died in 1994)
December 4th, 1915 (December 04 1915)BirthEddie Heywood, American jazz musician (died in 1989)
December 4th, 1914 (December 04 1914)BirthRudolf Hausner, Austrian artist (died in 1995)
December 4th, 1914 (December 04 1914)BirthClaude Renoir, French cinematographer (died in 1993)
December 4th, 1913 (December 04 1913)BirthMark Robson, Canadian-born film director and producer (died in 1978)
December 4th, 1912 (December 04 1912)BirthPappy Boyington, American pilot (died in 1988)
December 4th, 1910 (December 04 1910)BirthAlex North, American film music composer (died in 1991)
December 4th, 1909 (December 04 1909)BirthJimmy Jewel, English actor (died in 1995)
December 4th, 1908 (December 04 1908)BirthAlfred Hershey, American bacteriologist, Nobel laureate (died in 1997)Alfred Nobel Quotes
December 4th, 1906 (December 04 1906)EventAlpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity in the United States established for men of African descent, is founded at Cornell University.
December 4th, 1903 (December 04 1903)BirthCornell Woolrich, American writer (died in 1968)
December 4th, 1902 (December 04 1902)DeathCharles Dow, American journalist (Dow Jones & CompanyWall Street Journal) (born in 1851)
December 4th, 1899 (December 04 1899)BirthCharles William (Charlie) Spencer Newcastle and England football player (died in 1953)
December 4th, 1895 (December 04 1895)BirthFung Yu-lan, Chinese philosopher (died in 1990) Philo Quotes
December 4th, 1892 (December 04 1892)BirthFrancisco Franco, dictator of Spain (died in 1975)
December 4th, 1889 (December 04 1889)BirthLloyd Bacon, American actor and film director (died in 1955)
December 4th, 1881 (December 04 1881)EventThe first edition of the Los Angeles Times is published.
December 4th, 1881 (December 04 1881)BirthErwin von Witzleben, German field marshal (died in 1944)
December 4th, 1875 (December 04 1875)EventNotorious New York City politician Boss Tweed escapes from prison and flees to Cuba, then Spain.
December 4th, 1875 (December 04 1875)BirthJoe Corbett, American baseball player (died in 1945)
December 4th, 1875 (December 04 1875)BirthRainer Maria Rilke, Austrian poet (died in 1926)Rainer Maria Rilke Quotes
December 4th, 1872 (December 04 1872)EventThe crewless American ship Mary Celeste is found by the British brig Dei Gratia (the ship was abandoned for 9 days but was only slightly damaged).
December 4th, 1868 (December 04 1868)BirthJesse Burkett, American baseball player (died in 1953)
December 4th, 1867 (December 04 1867)EventFormer Minnesota farmer Oliver Hudson Kelley founds the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry (better known today as the Grange).
December 4th, 1864 (December 04 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: Sherman s March to the SeaAt Waynesboro, Georgia, forces under Union General Judson Kilpatrick prevent troops led by Confederate General Joseph Wheeler from interfering with Union General William T. Sherman s campaign destroying a wide swath of the South on his march to the Atlantic Ocean from Atlanta, Georgia. Union forces did suffer more than three times the Confederate casualties, however.William March Quotes
December 4th, 1861 (December 04 1861)BirthLillian Russell, American singer and actress (died in 1922)
December 4th, 1852 (December 04 1852)BirthOrest Khvolson, Russian physicist (died in 1934)
December 4th, 1844 (December 04 1844)BirthFranz Xavier Wernz, German Superior General of the Society of Jesus (died in 1914)
December 4th, 1840 (December 04 1840)BirthCrazy Horse, Oglala Sioux chief (died in 1877)
December 4th, 1835 (December 04 1835)BirthSamuel Butler, English writer (died in 1902)Samuel Butler Quotes
December 4th, 1829 (December 04 1829)EventIn the face of fierce opposition, British governor Lord William Bentinck issues a regulation declaring that all who abetted suttee in India were guilty of culpable homicide.
December 4th, 1828 (December 04 1828)DeathRobert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (born in 1770)
December 4th, 1798 (December 04 1798)BirthJules Armand Dufaure, French statesman (died in 1881)
December 4th, 1798 (December 04 1798)DeathLuigi Galvani, Italian physicist (born in 1737)
December 4th, 1795 (December 04 1795)BirthThomas Carlyle, Scottish writer and historian (died in 1881)Thomas Carlyle Quotes
December 4th, 1791 (December 04 1791)EventThe first issue of The Observer, the world s first Sunday newspaper, is published.
December 4th, 1783 (December 04 1783)EventAt Fraunces Tavern in New York City, US General George Washington formally bids his officers farewell.George Washington Quotes
December 4th, 1777 (December 04 1777)BirthJuliette Recamier, French socialite (died in 1849)
December 4th, 1732 (December 04 1732)DeathJohn Gay, English poet and dramatist (born in 1685)John Gay Quotes
December 4th, 1713 (December 04 1713)BirthGasparo Gozzi, Italian critic and dramatist (died in 1786)
December 4th, 1711 (December 04 1711)BirthBarbara of Portugal, queen of Spain (died in 1758)
December 4th, 1696 (December 04 1696)DeathEmpress Meisho, Japan (born in 1624)
December 4th, 1680 (December 04 1680)DeathThomas Bartholin, Danish physician, mathematician, and theologian (born in 1616)
December 4th, 1679 (December 04 1679)DeathThomas Hobbes, English philosopher (born in 1588)Thomas Hobbes Quotes
December 4th, 1676 (December 04 1676)EventBattle of Lund: A Danish army under the command of King Christian V of Denmark engages the Swedish army commanded by Field Marshal Simon Grundel-Helmfelt.
December 4th, 1674 (December 04 1674)EventFather Jacques Marquette founds a mission on the shores of Lake Michigan to minister to the Illiniwek (the mission would later grow into the city of Chicago, Illinois).
December 4th, 1670 (December 04 1670)BirthJohn Aislabie, English politician (died in 1742)
December 4th, 1660 (December 04 1660)BirthAndre Campra, French composer (died in 1744)
December 4th, 1649 (December 04 1649)DeathWilliam Drummond of Hawthornden, Scottish poet (born in 1585)
December 4th, 1646 (December 04 1646)BirthAlain Emmanuel de Coetlogon, Marshal of France (died in 1730)
December 4th, 1642 (December 04 1642)DeathArmand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Richelieu, French statesman (born in 1585)Cardinal Richelieu Quotes
December 4th, 1619 (December 04 1619)Event38 colonists from Berkeley Parish in England disembark in Virginia and give thanks to God (this is considered by many to be the first Thanksgiving in the Americas).
December 4th, 1612 (December 04 1612)BirthSamuel Butler, English poet (died in 1680)Samuel Butler Quotes
December 4th, 1609 (December 04 1609)DeathAlexander Hume, Scottish poet
December 4th, 1595 (December 04 1595)BirthJean Chapelain, French writer (died in 1674)
December 4th, 1585 (December 04 1585)BirthJohn Cotton, American Puritan leader (died in 1652)
December 4th, 1585 (December 04 1585)DeathJohn Willock, Scottish reformerJohn Scott Quotes
December 4th, 1580 (December 04 1580)BirthSamuel Argall, English adventurer and naval officer (died in 1626)
December 4th, 1576 (December 04 1576)DeathRheticus, Austrian mathematician (born in 1514)
December 4th, 1563 (December 04 1563)EventThe final session of the Council of Trent is held (it opened on December 13, 1545).
December 4th, 1555 (December 04 1555)BirthHeinrich Meibom, German historian and poet (died in 1625)
December 4th, 1459 (December 04 1459)DeathAdolf VIII, Duke of Southern Jutland (born in 1401)
December 4th, 1340 (December 04 1340)DeathHenry Burghersh, English bishop and chancellor (born in 1292)
December 4th, 1334 (December 04 1334)DeathPope John XXII (born in 1249)
December 4th, 1270 (December 04 1270)DeathTheobald V of Champagne, King of Navarre
December 4th, 1259 (December 04 1259)EventKings Louis IX of France and Henry III of England agree to the Treaty of Paris, in which Henry renounces his claims to French-controlled territory on continental Europe (including Normandy) in exchange for Louis withdrawing his support for English rebels. Louis IX of France Quotes
December 4th, 1214 (December 04 1214)DeathWilliam I of Scotland
December 4th, 1123 (December 04 1123)DeathOmar Khayyam, Persian poet, astronomer, mathematician, and philosopher (born in 1048)Omar Khayyam Quotes
December 4th, 1110 (December 04 1110)EventFirst Crusade: The Crusaders conquer Sidon.
December 4th, 1075 (December 04 1075)DeathArchbishop Anno II of Cologne
December 4th, 0771 (December 04 0771)EventAustrasian King Carloman dies, leaving his brother Charlemagne King of the now complete Frankish Kingdom. Charlemagne Quotes
December 4th, 0771 (December 04 0771)DeathCarloman, King of the Franks (born in 751)
December 4th, 0765 (December 04 0765)DeathJafar Sadiq, Shia Imam (born in 702)

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